In supermarkets, half of the best-selling products saw their prices drop this summer

By Julien Da Sois

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The proportion even rises to 56% for the 100 best-selling references. monticelllo /

“These declines remain relatively small (between -0.2% and -0.8% depending on the type of reference),” however, notes the NielsenIQ institute, author of the study, which looked at national brand products.

The promises of manufacturers on price drops during the summer would seem to have been held. Published this Tuesday, a study carried out by panelist NielsenIQ shows that half of the best-selling products on shelves saw their labels deflate slightly between the end of June and the end of August.

In detail, the institute focused on the 20,000 consumer product references most sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets, and only on major national brands. Were therefore excluded from the study dispenser brands, or MDD (Eco+ or Marque Repère at E.Leclerc, Simpl or Reflets de France at Carrefour, Pâturages at Intermarché, etc.). As a result, 50.1% of the references examined, or 10,021, experienced a price drop between the beginning and the end of summer. A share which even rises to 56% for the 100 best-selling references. However, the panelist does not provide further details on the references concerned.

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“Relatively small” declines

However, it is unlikely that consumers will have noticed a noticeable effect on their receipts. “These declines remain relatively small (between -0.2% and -0.8% depending on the type of reference)», notes NielsenIQ, which nevertheless estimates that these first minor price reductions, “may suggest a more lasting trend“.

In any case, this is the government’s objective. At the end of August, Bruno Le Maire announced three measures on the set of France 2 For “definitively break the price spiral». Including the blocking of prices for 5,000 references, i.e. “an average of a quarter of the references in a supermarket”, of which “prices will not increase or will decrease“. This list, which must be drawn up by manufacturers and distributors, is not yet known. “It’s much better» than the 1,500 products concerned so far, however declared the Minister of the Economy. In mid-July, around forty manufacturers had in fact committed to lowering the prices of certain products.from -5 to -7 or -8% from July», The Minister for Commerce, Olivia Grégoire, said at the time.

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