in Tehran, a woman detained for not wearing a hijab fell into a coma

In Iran, a 16-year-old resident of Tehran, Armita Geravand, fell into a coma after being detained by the morals police for not wearing a hijab. This is reported by CNN.

According to the TV channel, doctors diagnosed Geravand with brain death, but relatives reported that this information did not correspond to reality.

Iranian human rights activists claim that a resident of Tehran was detained in the subway in early October. As a result of the actions of the police, Geravand received serious injuries that caused a coma. It is claimed that relatives of the detainee were not allowed in the hospital.

Iranian authorities have denied allegations of police violence and claimed that Geravand fainted. The Iranian state agency IRNA showed a recording from a video surveillance camera at the station where the incident occurred. It shows how Geravand and two friends enter the train, after which she is almost immediately carried out unconscious onto the platform. There is no footage of what happened on the train.

  • In September last year, Iranian activist Mahsa Amina died in Tehran after being detained by moral police officers on charges of improperly wearing a hijab. After the arrest, she ended up in the hospital, where she died. Her relatives believe that she was beaten to death in the plot.
  • Amina’s death provoked prolonged m protests in Iran. According to human rights activists, more than 500 people died during the protests and clashes with the police. The morals police suspended patrols, but in July 2023 checks on the wearing of hijabs resumed.

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