in the embly, the high stakes of examining the text in committee

By Wally Bordas

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In Gérald Darmanin’s camp, many want to review the senatorial copy. Blondet Eliot/Blondet Eliot/ABACA

DECRYPTION – Each camp has been preparing with caution in recent weeks.

The National embly is preparing for a new fight. Eight months after the end of the pension battleat the end of which the government was forced to activate section 49.3 to get its text adopted, another large piece of legislation will appear this Monday in the law committee of the Palais Bourbon. While the initial text was opposed by oppositions from the right and the left, its new version, largely amended by the right-wing senatorial majority during its page in the Upper House, is now viewed favorably by some of the LR . This provides, for example, for the abolition of state medical aid, the establishment of migration quotas, the tightening of family reunification or the restriction of land rights.

A strengthening of the “firmness” aspect of the initial law therefore, while that dedicated to “integration” has largely been emptied of its substance. Exit, for example, the symbolic measure allowing undocumented immigrants working in…

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