in the embly, the LR “slingers” skeptical of the proposed repeal

By Wally Bordas



“Apart Aurelien Pradienobody wants to put a coin back in the machine”
, thinks he knows a tenor from the Les Républicains party. Lafargue Raphael/Lafargue Raphael/ABACA

DECRYPTION – A part not insignificant” of LR parliamentarians opposed to the reform would currently be far from certain to vote for the repeal bill.

Less than two months ago, they were 19 to vote the motion of censure against the government. That is nearly a third of the Les Républicains group in the National embly. And if the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, had not used section 49.3 to adopt its pension reformthey would have been “at least 25”says a party executive, to oppose the executive’s bill, on a reform yet defended by the staff of the right.

Now another deadline is approaching. June 8, on the occasion of the parliamentary niche of the Freedoms, Independents, Overseas and Territories (Liot) group, a bill to repeal the retirement age at 64 will be examined by the deputies. A text which already gives cold sweats to the presidential troops, who fear being put in default by the oppositions. And which agitates all the discussions within the LR deputies, who will, as often, tip the scales to one side or the other.

Liot’s proposal is incomplete and unsatisfactory as it stands. Repeal for repeal’s sake is not a solution

Fabien Di Filippo, LR deputy for Moselle

But the reality of yesterday is not necessarily…

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