In the corruption case, the Prime Minister of Portugal was confused with the second Košto

During the investigation of corruption in the Portuguese government, Prime Minister Antonio Costa was confused with Economy Minister Antonio Costa Silva. This is reported by Euronews and Euractive.

The prime minister resigned last week after five people, including the head of his administration, were arrested in a corruption case. The prosecutor’s office established that “the suspects referred to the name of the prime minister” when carrying out their activities.

A few days later, the prosecutor’s office admitted a mistake with the names. According to the lawyers, she was misled by the transcript of the intercepted telephone conversation. It is noted that the word “Silva” is heard on the recording itself.

When announcing his resignation, Kosta said that he was innocent, but his position should not be tainted by the investigation. A few days later, the Portuguese president announced the dissolution of the parliament. New elections are planned to be held on March 10.

  • Costa has been Prime Minister of Portugal since 2015. As a result of the parliamentary elections in 2022, his Socialist Party again received the majority of mandates, which allowed Koshte to form the government himself, without the participation of other parties.

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