In the Darfur region of Sudan, the number of victims and displaced persons is increasing

The UN warned on Friday about the growing number of human rights violations in Sudan’s Darfur region. Over the past seven months, clashes between the army and paramilitary formations have reached war proportions. This was reported by the AFP agency and the France-24 channel

“The situation is terrifying and dark,” says Clementine Nkweta, coordinator of the UN humanitarian mission. “We don’t have enough words to describe the horrors happening in Sudan.

Reports of violence, abductions, arbitrary detentions, violations of children’s rights are frequent, the representative of the UN mission told reporters. She fears that the manifestations of genocide that occurred in the west of Sudan in the early 2000s may be repeated.

The UN refugee agency said that more than 800 people were killed by armed paramilitary groups in the city of Ardamata in western Darfur. Looting and looting became widespread.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees warns of a new wave of arriving refugees.

More than 10,000 people have been killed in the current conflict in Sudan – these are the conservative estimates of specialized groups of observers. But humanitarian organizations and doctors have repeatedly sounded the alarm: the real information about human losses is much more dramatic. Many civilians, wounded and killed, are often never taken to clinics or morgues. And this circumstance affects the reliability of the information.

According to UN data, the war forced 4,800,000 Sudanese residents to leave their homes and find refuge inside the country. Another 1.2 million people left Sudan and went to neighboring countries. Such data was distributed by the UN.

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