in the footsteps of the Countess of Chambure

Harpsichordist William Christie (left) pays tribute to Geneviève de Chambure with instruments from his collection, at the Philhamonie de Paris. Ondine BERTRAND

The Philharmonie de Paris pays tribute to this pioneering collector and musicologist who enabled the Baroque revival in France.

His first meeting with the Comtesse de Chambure? William Christie remembers it like it was yesterday. “I had just arrived in Paris. For any foreigner landed in this city who was even slightly interested in early music, there were at the time two essential destinations: the music department of the National Library, directed by François Lesure, and the Instrumental Museum of the Conservatory , rue de Madrid, whose chief curator was none other than Geneviève de Chambure!”

A personality “like we don’t do anymore. Who lived like she collected works of art. With this mixture of high culture and hospitality that symbolizes the French art of living»ures the founder of Les Arts florissants.

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The latter is paying homage to her at this very moment at the Philharmonie de Paris, in the company of her own musicians, but also other former followers of the Société des musiques d’autrefois (SMA), which she had founded in the 1920s. .

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