In the Moscow pre-trial detention center may launch a service for the sale of medicines online

All pre-trial detention centers in Moscow can launch a service for the sale of medicines online, said Georgy Volkov, chairman of the Public Monitoring Commission (POC) of the capital, in a commentary to RIA Novosti.

“The launch of an online pharmacy will greatly simplify the life of people and their relatives held in isolation wards. Therefore, we hope that an online store with medicines will appear in all pre-trial detention centers of the capital,” he said.

Volkov added that a pilot project of an “online pharmacy” has already been implemented in the women’s pre-trial detention center.

Earlier in June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the humanization of detention conditions. The changes relate to the conditions of detention of suspects and accused in pre-trial detention centers, as well as the conditions for serving sentences by convicts in places of deprivation of liberty. The document provided for an increase from three to four years of age for a child who is with his mother in a pre-trial detention center or in a children’s home of a correctional institution. The Ministry of Justice believes that this will contribute to the preservation of family ties.

The law also provides for the participation of disciplinary commissions in making decisions on the application of penalties to those sentenced to deprivation of liberty and their transfer from one condition of serving a sentence to another. An increase in the amount of money for the purchase of groceries and essentials is also envisaged.

In the spring of this year, a three-year experiment on the delivery of prescription started in Russia, which will be held in Moscow, the Moscow and Belgorod regions. 904 international generic names of medicines are available for online sale, with the exception of narcotic and psychotropic substances, vaccines, antidepressants, abortion pills, and so on.

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