in the secrecy of the ASE nurseries

In this wonderful documentary, Karine Dusfour describes with great sensitivity the daily lives of placed babies. A program not to be missed, this Wednesday November 15 at 11 p.m. on France 2.

In France, a child dies every five days at the hands of their parents. In 2020, Karine Dusfour directed the documentary Bouche Cousue. She highlighted the abuse suffered by children and the difficulty for them to talk about it by filming the daily life of children’s judge Édouard Durand.
With Placed babies, life ahead of them, broadcast this evening on France 2, the director goes further in her reflections and plunges into the little-known world of nurseries. “I wanted to film how educators and foster families support children in danger. After two years of research, approach and scouting, we obtained, with Mélissa Theuriau, the producer, exceptional authorization to film all child welfare services (ASE) from Val-de-Marne. »

Find an adoptive family

In the film, she follows the journey of two babies entrusted to this establishment and tells their story from their point of view. A new and exciting prism through which she attempts to answer this question: how to build and grow far from blood ties?
Basile has just been born under X. Eight days after his arrival in the world, he is entrusted to “Tata Simone”. She welcomes him with a soft voice and will take care of him for the first three months of his life, the time to find him an adoptive family and to give him “the good foundations and deep confidence in adults”, she hopes. -she. Anne-Lise is 1 year old and shows worrying signs of psychological distress. She is the subject of emergency judicial placement by the ASE because her safety is not guaranteed within her home.
Restore confidence
After her mother’s heartbreaking departure, a childcare worker reures the little girl: “It’s normal for you to be sad, but you are safe here. » For several weeks, she and her colleagues will take care of this baby. “Without attachment, the child cannot progress, and to create this attachment, he must feel secure and feel like a child in his own right,” she explains.

Very strong and moving

Since 2007, laws have been adopted to put the interests of children at the heart of the baby care system. Their well-being trumps everything else. Karine Dusfour’s cameras follow the evolution of Basile and Anne-Lise until their placement in foster or adoptive families. Very strong and moving, this documentary highlights the tremendous work of childcare workers, family istants and educators. A tribute to those who, with gentleness and patience, succeed in restoring confidence to these children forever marked by life

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