in the village of Bullecourt, the murder of a tax agent by a second-hand dealer questions

A farmhouse surrounded by a yellow police band. A swing swinging in the rain. And an inscription in white letters, impossible to ignore on the red brick wall of a barn: “you bank”. It was at the back of this hangar overflowing with odds and ends, in a small village in Pas-de-Calais, that the body of Sandy T. was found. He allegedly committed suicide after kidnapping and killing a tax official on Monday, November 21. Another public finance inspector, found tied up, witnessed the murder of her colleague.

Both had an appointment with Sandy T. at 2 p.m. on Monday. At home, in this old farmhouse in Bullecourt, in the Pas-de-Calais, which he had bought a few years ago to develop his activity as a second-hand goods dealer: three barns for storage, a house which he was renovating and near of 4,000 square meters of land. He had set up his “Speed ​​Debarras” consignment there.

This meeting is not the first between Sandy T. and the tax administration, which has been examining the regularity of its accounts since May. This time, officials must present their findings to the contractor. And the interview degenerates. Two hours after their arrival, the junk dealer calls his ex-wife, and asks her to come. When she arrives, she sees a woman tied to a chair through the window. It is 6:08 p.m., she dials 17.

Several stab wounds

The gendarmes then discovered in the house the 39-year-old finance inspector tied up, in a state of shock, and her colleague already dead on the ground, with an abundant wound in the abdomen. The 43-year-old man, head of the audit brigade of the Departmental Directorate of Public Finances of Pas-de-Calais, was killed with several stab wounds to the back and chest, said the public prosecutor of Arras, Sylvain Barbier Sainte Marie, during a press conference on Tuesday 22 November. While searching one of the three barns, the gendarmes then find the body of Sandy T., a pistol by his side. The 46-year-old entrepreneur allegedly committed suicide with a bullet to the chest.

Was the finance inspector who was killed personally in charge of the junk dealer’s file? Did the latter call his ex-wife to warn her of his gesture? What was the subject of the current tax audit, and the financial situation of Sandy T.? The investigation opened for kidnapping and assassination must make it possible to answer the questions still pending. The first elements suggest a premeditated act, according to the prosecutor, who explains that clamps were used in particular to tie up the victims. For the rest, he adds, “We will know more in the next few days”. After the inspector’s hearings, “extremely shocked”of the ex-wife, and the elements that the tax administration must transmit to justice.

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