in Uganda, prison guards are deprived of telephones so as not to be distracted

Ugandan authorities on Monday banned prison staff from using their mobile phones during the lockdown period. world Cupwarning that inmates could take advantage of “enthusiasmsurrounding the competition to stage escapes.

The start of the FIFA World Cup tournament on November 20, 2022 and its excitement could lead to prisoner escapesspokesman for the Commissioner General of Prisons, Frank Mayanja Baine, said in a statement on Monday.

Staff should not come to work with phones as they distract and interfere with level of alertness“, adds the press release, ordering the leaders of the penitentiary establishments to reinforce security in the zones “where prisoners can watch football“.

Large-scale prison breaks are common in Ugandan prisons, which are often overcrowded. Uganda has more than 6,000 inmates in its prison facilities, according to official records.

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