in video, the improbable own goal of the Hamburg goalkeeper

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Daniel Heuer Fernandes after his (big) dumpling. Screenshot X – Viaplay Sport Polska

THE SPORT SCAN – Daniel Heuer Fernandes, goalkeeper of Halmbourg SV, scored a ridiculous own goal on Friday during a German second division match against Sankt Pauli (2-2).

Certainly, his defender’s p was not a gift. But Daniel Heuer Fernandes, goalkeeper Hamburg, certainly had better things to do than send a missile into his own net. The 31-year-old German-Portuguese goalkeeper scored an improbable own goal during the 2. Bundesliga (the second division in Germany) draw against Sankt Pauli (2-2).

While Hamburg tried to restart cleanly from their area, intense pressure from Sankt Pauli forced a defender to send an unsteady p towards his own goal. Under pressure, Daniel Heuer Fernandes attempted a big clearance… failed, since the ball was catapulted into the goal. Already the CSC of the year, to be enjoyed on video.

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