Increase in prices at the Louvre: “Increasingly, history and culture are reserved for an elite”

The crowd throngs on the square, we hear Russian, English, Italian, Chinese spoken. Hats on their heads, collars turned up, smiling families pose in front of the gl pyramid. Others grimace when they see the long queue which already zigzags in front of the entrance. A clic winter Sunday morning ahead the Louvre museum, the most visited in the world with 7.2 million visitors in 2022. Will it remain so? The Parisian establishment announced this week price increases starting January 15. The price of the entry ticket, which has not changed since 2017, will increase from 17 to 22 euros, an increase of 29%.

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To justify this, management cites the increase in current charges and urgent renovation work. And insists on the fact that almost one in two French visitors benefit from free entry (under 26 years old, teachers, journalists, job seekers, beneficiaries of minimum social benefits, etc.). Ticket revenue brought in 76.5 million euros last year, covering only a quarter of operating costs.

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