Inès Vandamme cancels at the last minute her participation in several TF1 shows

Victim of illness, the dancer, choreographer and presenter of “Loto” on TF1, had to cancel or postpone the recording of two key shows at the end of the year.

“The day did not go as planned. I felt ill before starting filming, I vomited several times and felt unwell. Thank you to the Arthur teams and the TF1 teams for their responsiveness and understanding. Thank you really thank you Scarlett, Didier, Benoît, Solène, Arthur… I already feel better, I’m just very tired. I did not record the “Grand Contest” broadcast and I will not record “Le Bêtisier du 31 December” today as was planned. I’m resting before your lottery draw this evening. See you this evening on TF1 (in good shape, promise)”, has published Inès Vandamme yesterday, in his Instagram story.

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What happened ? What does the dancer, choreographer and presenter of the “Lotto” did she suffer? Stress ? Flu ? Pregnancy ? Gastro? We probably won’t know. And it’s probably not a big deal. We wish him, at the very least, a good recovery. However, we do not know who replaced the young woman on the set of “Great Competition” of the front page, recorded this Monday for an upcoming broadcast, and when the “Blopers” will be filmed, scheduled on one of the group’s channels, as it should be, on December 31.

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Ines Vandamme, originally from the north of France, 31 years old, belongs to this category of multifaceted artists dear to television channels. A trained dancer and choreographer, she became known to the general public during her first participation, in 2019, in the show “Dance with the stars» in which she tried, we remember, to transmit her pion for the discipline to the athlete Ladji Doucouré. She has since hosted numerous shows.

A few months ago, Ines Vandamme also launched a more personal show, a podcast called “With or without sugar?” to be followed every Sunday at 2 p.m. on numerous platforms and in which she receives a personality for a caring, friendly, cheerful interview.

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