Inflation reinforces low-wage trap mechanisms

Employees can work for years without seeing their income really increase 508961803/Deemerwha studio –

DECRYPTION – Inflation, by pushing the minimum wage upwards, has further crushed salary scales.

This is one of the central subjects of the social conference. The prospects for the least qualified employees today appear particularly gloomy, because inflationby pushing the minimum wage upwards, came to crush a little more salary scales, already particularly compressed in France. Result: employees can work for years without seeing their income really increase. There drop in productivity for three years has further strengthened the movement by drying up employers’ room for maneuver. Hence the feeling of being downgraded by households who are unable to increase their standard of living.

This stagnation in salaries is firstly explained by a very French specificity: the astronomical cost of labor in France, which successive executives have not had the courage to tackle head-on. On the contrary, for decades, they have embarked on a complex policy of exemption from employer contributions in order to make low wages

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