Influencer Survey Supplement Issue Sets Audience Record

“Additional investigation” devoted to the business of influencers on France 2. France Televisions.

VIDEO - A week after its broadcast, the magazine's report presented by Tristan Waleckx is the most viewed replay in the history of the platform.

Sunday September 11, France 2 broadcast in the second part of the evening a number of "Further Investigation" which made him talk a lot. Indeed, the magazine presented by Tristan Waleckx was interested in the business of influencers with in the first line of sight these personalities of reality TV who made their fortune on the Internet thanks to product placements.

On the strength of the media campaign but also of the reactions of certain protagonists demanding the withdrawal of their intervention from the report, the program attracted 975,000 viewers, or 7.8% of the audience share. So certainly we are far from the record established by the issue devoted to Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, broadcast on April 28, and its 1.7 million people, or 19.3% of PDA. But "Complément d'Enquête" can boast of achieving a record in replay.

Indeed, in 24 hours, the report was viewed 372,000 times on the France Télévisions platform, "Take it easy with the replay, the server will explode!", had fun on Twitter Tristan Waleckx. Invited this Sunday from "Cmedia" on France 5, the journalist returned to this success. "This is unheard of !he boasted. The linear audience was a classic audience with just under a million viewers. There, we are witnessing a mind-blowing phenomenon, that is to say that perhaps, for the first time, we will have a program that will be seen more on the Internet than on television. We have a lot of young people. We have almost reached the linear score”, he added without giving a precise figure. Contacted, France 2 told us that the final results at D+7 will be communicated tomorrow.

For the journalist, the reason for this success is hidden behind the interest of young people for influencers. "It's a youth issue. We know that it is often rather old people who watch television, our usual audience is rather old. We had already seen it on Sunday evening when we look in detail at the people who watched us, we did not have too many audiences among retirees who are a large part of this usual audience, but many under 30 year"underlined Tristan Waleckx before acknowledging: “It is true that it has been talked about a lot on social networks. There are a lot of influencers who have made videos on the “Complementary investigation”, suddenly, it brings back a lot of people and people who normally turn away from TV a little bit”.

And to conclude: “Our colleagues from tell us that they are witnessing a phenomenon. For the moment, we are on the replay that has worked the most in the history of the platform, all programs combined. Not only "Complementary investigation", even fiction, entertainment, there is a mind-blowing phenomenon».

What Tristan Waleckx forgot to say again is that following several complaints on social networks, France Télévisions deactivated geoblocking, thus allowing anyone in the world to view the report of "Complément d'Enquête ".

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