InfoWars Store, a conspiracy store that has been emulated

Six million dollars a year. This is the salary paid by Alex Jones, the most famous American far-right conspirator, during the heyday of InfoWars, the site he founded in the early 2000s. According to experts, his umbrella company, Free Speech Systems, recorded annual net revenues of between 135 million and 270 million dollars (between 135 and 270 million euros). The Texan host's site even generated up to $800,000 a day at its highest in 2018.

The entrepreneur has been able to adapt with chilling brilliance to the evolution of the Internet ecosystem. In the mid-2010s, programmatic advertising on Facebook was the eldorado of fake news and hate speech specialists. Since then, Mark Zuckerberg's platform deleted many accounts and changed its algorithms. " The deplatforming [le fait de supprimer ou de bloquer certains comptes] greatly complicates their task, both in terms of recruitment and fundraising”, observes the association Sleeping Giants ("sleeping giants"), which fights against the financing of hate speech on the Internet. Regardless, the InfoWars Store online store has taken over, monetizing a captive audience.

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“Tap water has been proven to be full of dangerous and deadly toxins. From chlorine to fluoride, the threat to your health is enormous. That's why it's important for all info warriors to clean their water with water filtration! » This is the kind of product sheet, for powder sold for 50 to 70 euros per sachet, that can always be found on the InfoWars Store online store, alongside "masculinist pills for vitality" and survivalist products ( radio sets, headlamps and vacuum-packed energizing food) to face the apocalypse predicted by the conspiracy site. "Misinformation is the window on the street side to bring them to the back of the shop and get customers to checkout", summarizes Tristan Mendès France, expert on marginal communities. In all, these derivatives earned InfoWars $64 million in 2021, according to financial analyst Bernard Pettingill.

Very targeted offer

In France, Equality and Reconciliation, the site of the revisionist Alain Soral, convicted of anti-Semitism several times, used the same recipes from the beginning of the 2010s. -Putin or reissues of classics of anti-Semitic literature. “Although we are still far from the sums generated by someone like Jones, the sale of [ce type de produits] pays off »notes the Sleeping Giants association.

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