Initiatives seek to help entrepreneurs affected by floods in RS

The group RS Connectionsfounded in 2016 on Facebook by communicator Mauren Motta, launched the campaign Adopt a Gaucho entrepreneur. With more than 140 thousand participants in the group, Mauren hopes to carry out connections between entrepreneurs who need help and people willing to contribute. “I know that, at first, a lot of people will donate ranch, clothes, help at the beginning, but I wanted to offer something that would go further. These people lost their businesses, their way of earning a living”, highlights the communicator.

The objective of the initiative is to reach affected entrepreneurs so that they can request what they really need in their operations, be it machinery, construction materials or money. “We know that Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs invest their life savings in their businesses, all the money they saved. Before, the person did not need to be registered in government istance programs, but now, they will definitely need it”, reflects Mauren. All publications made in the group using #adoteumempreendedorgaúcho will be posted automatically.

The government of Rio Grande do Sul announced, last Tuesday (12), seven initiatives that seek to help micro and small entrepreneurs located in the affected regions. The measures include extension of payments and tax exemptions.

Governor Eduardo Leite requested an extraordinary meeting of the National Council for Financial Policy (Confaz), which should take place in the next few days, to present the tax exemptions that require deliberation. Find out more about the initiatives:

1. Exemption on acquisitions of fixed ets (ICMS and Difal)
Action to acquire machinery and equipment intended for permanent ets and to replace deteriorated or destroyed ets.

2. Non-reversal of stock credit
The refund of credit relating to stored goods that have been misplaced, lost, stolen, stolen, deteriorated or destroyed will not be required, subject to proof of an expert report.

3. Support in guaranteeing insurance policies
In dialogue with the National Confederation of Insurance Companies (CNSeg), the State will support companies in guaranteeing receipt of the amounts related to their policies.

4. Extension of tax due dates
Taxes calculated in Simples Nacional owed by taxpayers based in the affected municipalities will have their due dates extended.

5. Exemption for donations of goods
Exemption for donations of goods to government or charitable entities recognized as being of public benefit to ist victims of public calamities.

6. SOS Rio Grande do Sul donation campaign
Financial donations to the SOS Rio Grande account, created by the State government at Banrisul, will be applied, among other purposes, to support affected micro and small businesses.

7. Special lines of credit
One of the credit lines offered by the State government provides R$100 million to finance long-term turnover, preferably for the categories of individual microentrepreneurs and micro, small and medium-sized companies, with a term of up to 48 months, grace period of 12 months and differentiated rates.

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