Insulting SMS, 3 million euro yacht, tax optimization… What to remember from the “Additional investigation” into Cyril Hanouna

He is presented as “the new godfather of the PAF”. This Thursday, in the second part of the evening, France 2 reserved a special issue of the investigative magazine for the C8 host.

Something promised, something due. It has been almost a year since the public service channel communicated around a special issue of “Additional investigation” dedicated to one and the same person: Cyril Hanouna . The 49-year-old has established himself as an essential figure in the French audiovisual landscape with his show “Touche pas à mon poste”. And this displeases a certain part of the population, deeming it provocative or too far from journalism strictly speaking.

In addition to being the head of the talk show “TPMP” broadcast on C8, Cyril Hanouna is also a producer and founder of the company H2O Productions and shareholder of Banijay Production, a company listed on the stock market since 2022. He is portrayed in the France 2 program this November 30 as “the new godfather of the PAF” .

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The public service group’s channel had promised “unpublished testimonies and exclusive documents”. The journalist Virginie Vilar also told our colleagues at Télérama that it was a question of “the most complicated investigation of all [sa] career”. So, if the teams of the investigative magazine promised revelations about the host and producer, what is really happening?

Secret of the sources broken

“A jester who became a king.” This is how Tristan Waleckx presented Cyril Hanouna from the first minutes of the show. “Additional investigation” relied on the testimonies of relatives of “Baba” as Valérie Bénaïmfriend and columnist in “TPMP”, Arnaud Lagardère her ex-boss or even her childhood friend Medhi Harbaoui.

But the investigative magazine also based itself on the statements of former collaborators such as columnist Jessie Claire who claimed to have had “fear of being humiliated before each show” or even a former pillar of “Touche pas à mon poste” who wanted to maintain his anonymity. The latter began his remarks by explaining the internal functioning and upstream of the talk show. On the board, each place is chosen carefully. “It’s really on the right the most important ones. […] Bénaïm he calls her the laughing one because she laughs loudly. The last place is called the potiche place, it is always a girl who occupies it. It was Delphine Wespiser, Kelly Vedovelli …»he detailed.

Even more worrying, Cyril Hanouna would be at the origin of questionable practices to ensure the success and buzz of his show. His right arm, Lionel Stan would have communicated to the police the professional cards of these four police officers following the controversy concerning the arrival of members of the BRAV-M in the show even though he had agreed to maintain their anonymity.

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Hanouna’s team would have ensured, in a journalistic context, the protection of sources for its witnesses. However, that was not the case. The general director of H2O Productions ured Virginie Vilar on the telephone that he was not a press organization, and therefore was not able to apply such protection. Secret broken voluntarily or misunderstanding? Only the result is known, three of these police officers still risk losing their jobs following their intervention in the show.

In the same way, Hanouna would control the statements of some of its columnists on specific subjects. He would ask his team to dictate defined reactions to spice up the debate as with the example on the death penalty or to ensure a sort of protection like the parody of the host Arthur having greatly displeased the TF1 group.

Physical threats and insults

From friend and mentor, Jacques Essebag better known under the pseudonym Arthur is relegated to the rank of enemy. This new position would have resulted in Cyril Hanouna sending insulting text messages against Arthur. “I’ll put a piece of mortadella deep in your butcher’s ”, is one. Other messages would also have targeted the TF1 teams working with his former mentor: “I put a Bengal tiger in their ” or “I put my on his head”.

Julien Cazarre, a comedian formerly operating on Canal+, was approached by the host to join his show. The latter had kindly declined the offer. Result ? “The guy insults me on the phone with the voice of a guy from the city of 93. The caricature of poor man’s Tony Montana. I don’t remember exactly but they were trashy insults, threats like I’m going to beat you up, I know where you live.”, remembered the football comedian. The man initially did not take this telephone exchange seriously. Until a second call which would have clarified things. “Did you think I was kidding? But you don’t know who we are, man.”, would have launched Hanouna to Julien Cazarre. Frightened and not knowing how far the host could go, the comedian decided to file a complaint against the host in 2016 for malicious phone call. And he is not the only one to count himself among the victims of the Hanouna clan.

“Michael Zazoun is a faggot, and always end up screwing you over. »

Cyril Hanouna according to Michael Zazoun

“Michael Zazoun is a faggot, and always end up screwing you over.” This sentence was said to have been pronounced by Cyril Hanouna in 2014 against the former Virgin Radio columnist. After being informed of these remarks by two collaborators including Enora Malagré, Michael Zazoun decided to end his career on the airwaves and return to his profession as a pharmacist. He still wanted to denounce this behavior on these social networks. A series of phone calls and threats against the man followed. The investigation finally revealed that it was none other than Cyril Hanouna’s mother at the origin of these malicious calls and these phobic remarks. She was also fined 440 euros.

Three yachts in six years

The man’s fortune is estimated at 85 million euros, not counting his real estate ets. He enjoys a villa on the heights of Cannes but also a yacht from the famous luxury brand Lamborghini which would like 3 million euros. And it wouldn’t be the first boat that had entered his collection in six years. The captain of his first yacht – purchased for 1.5 million euros in 2017 – wanted to testify in front of the “Complement d’investigation” camera. Far from enjoying his yacht exclusively, Cyril Hanouna rented it for between 50 and 60,000 euros per week.

Also, its registration in the United Kingdom as well as its commercial status allowed Cyril Hanouna to achieve big savings. Thanks to this, the TV man could rent his own boat and therefore byp the VAT on gasoline, a saving of 1000 euros on a full tank of around 5000. Another point discovered by France 2, he did not directly employ the crew members but dispatched an intermediary company based on the Channel Island of Guernsey. With this system, this would have meant that the employees would not have contributed to unemployment or the French pension and allowed Cyril Hanouna to recover more than 30% of these sailors’ salaries. Nothing illegal although these are practices that can be harmful for victims.

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