Inter only draws with Avenida and continues without winning at Gauchão

Inter went to Santa Cruz do Sul and only drew 1-1 with Avenida, this Wednesday (25), for the 2nd round of the Gauchão. Colorado performed below expectations in the initial stage, improved in the second half, but not enough to win the first in the State. The team returns to the field next Saturday, at 4:30 pm, at home, to face São Luiz.

Coach Mano Menezes surprised by promoting three changes in relation to the team that tied with Juventude in the first round of the State. Mário Fernandes, Matheus Dias and Pedro Henrique took over from Bustos, De Pena and Wanderson. The exchanges seem to have had little effect.

As in the debut, Inter practically started the match losing. After just three minutes, after a corner kick, Micael straightened his head and Carlos Henrique also used his head to open the scoring for Avenida. The main failure came from Mário Fernandes. Without acting for more than six months, the winger needs more minutes on the field to recover the good football.

Behind the marker and completely out of line, Colorado created little in the initial stage. With simple pass errors, Mano’s charges did not meet. Inter’s only chance came from Johnny’s feet, in the 33rd minute, but the shot, from outside the area, went close to the left post. On the other hand, Avenida almost extended with Pionteck, but Keiller firmly defended the strong kick also from outside the area.

After the poor performance in the first half, Mano made two changes at halftime, with the addition of De Pena and Wanderson in place of Matheus Dias and Alemão. And the colorful answer couldn’t be better. With just 30 seconds left, Wanderson adjusted for De Pena, hitting Rodolfo’s corner to leave everything the same at Estádio dos Eucaliptos.

Better and rocked by the goal, in the fourth minute, Mário Fernandes crossed and Pedro Henrique headed low, forcing Rodolfo to make a good defense to avoid the Colorada comeback. The evolution of Mano’s team was clear, in addition to proving that Wanderson and Pedro Henrique can work together, with Alemão going to the bench.

Inter continued better, pressing, but lacked a little more effort in the final third of the field. At 43 minutes, some Eucaliptos spotlights went out and the game was stopped for 22 minutes. The ball rolled again and Inter almost scored in two shots: Alan Patrick and De Pena in two kicks, but the ball went out of bounds. In the end, the draw was the fairest result.

avenue 1 Rodolfo; Lucas Lopes, Micael, Marcão and Cesar Nunes; Jhonata, Rafael Carrilho (Adeílson Maranhão) and Guilherme Garré (PH); Wesley Pionteck (Marcelinho), Dionatan Machado (Jeferson) and Carlos Henrique (João Pedro). Technician: Mario Nunes.

Inter 1 Keiller; Mário Fernandes (Bustos), Vitão, Rodrigo Moledo and Renê; Johnny, Matheus Dias (De Pena), Mauricio (Estêvão), Alan Patrick and Pedro Henrique (Lucca); German (Wanderson). Technician: Mano Menezes.

Referee: Erico Andrade de Carvalho.

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