International Federation launches inquiry into Carlsen-Niemann case

The International Chess Federation finally communicated Thursday evening to indicate that it was setting up a “panel” of three investigators, under the authority of its fair play commission, to try to shed light on the Carlsen affair. Niemann who has been rocking the chess world for three weeks.

After leaving the Sinquefield Cup, in Saint-Louis, in the wake of an unexpected loss against Hans Niemann, then refusing to face him a few days later in an online tournament by abandoning the game after a single shot, Magnus Carlsen accused the young American player last Monday of being a regular cheater. The five-time world champion, considering the game of chess in danger, had called for a reaction from FIDE. So here it is.

The three investigators will have the task, according to a FIDE press release “ to examine the circumstances, compile and analyze all available data and evidence, and verify the facts and allegations that have been made public “.

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