Intervention with TOMAs and pepper gas against those marching despite the ban in Şırnak

Despite Şırnak Governorship’s 10-day event ban, security forces intervened with TOMA and pepper gas against the group who wanted to march in Silopi.


Intervention with TOMAs and pepper gas against those marching despite the ban in Şırnak

Şırnak Governorship declared a ban on events throughout the city for 10 days, starting from September 16.

Despite the ban, party members came together in Silopi and wanted to march, including DTK Co-Chairman and Green Left and Future Party (Green Left Party) Diyarbakır Deputy Berdan Öztürk, DBP Co-Chairs Keskin Bayındır and Saliha Aydeniz. However, a warning was given by security forces.

When the group marched despite warnings, security forces intervened with TOMAs and gas. After the intervention, the group dispersed. After the intervention against the group, soldiers and police continue to wait in the area.


In the event ban statement made by Şırnak Governorship, it was stated as follows:

* “Except for events deemed appropriate by the Governorship and District Governorship authorities, programs organized by public institutions and organizations, official holidays, official commemoration days, official ceremonies and celebrations, and programs to be held by these institutions according to their traditions and customs, sports activities, which may be carried out in line with the above-mentioned purposes. all kinds of open ground meetings and demonstration marches, m welcoming and farewell ceremonies, press releases by institutions and organizations outside their own buildings, sit-in protests, rallies, setting up tents, signature campaigns, opening stands, m funeral ceremonies and cemetery visits, commemoration ceremonies, festival, concert, entertainment, game performance, show, etc. All kinds of actions and activities, all kinds of audio and visual activities that can be done with sound broadcasting tools, wishing lanterns-balloon kites, drone-paramotors, etc. Flyers, stickers, brochures, etc., excluding all kinds of aerial activities and commercial activities of private law legal entities with commercial identity. distributing, hanging posters and banners, etc. The activities are banned for 10 days, from 00:01 on 16 September until 23:59 on 25 September, within the entire geographical area, provincial center, districts, gendarmerie and police responsibility areas, including Şırnak provincial center and districts. ” (DHA)

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