“Intimidation” measure: an American commission criticizes the ban on the abaya in France

An American government commission takes a stand on banning the abaya. The USCIRF on Friday castigated the French government’s decision to‘ban the wearing of this long dress in schoolsspeaking of a measure of “intimidation” targeting Muslims in France.

“In a misguided effort to promote the French value of secularism, the government is encroaching on religious freedom,” writes Abraham Cooper, who chairs the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, a government advisory body mandated by the U.S. Congress.

Targeting “Muslims”

“France continues to use a specific interpretation of secularism to target and intimidate religious groups, especially Muslims,” ​​he continued in a statement, judging “restriction of the peaceful practice of religious beliefs by individuals to promote laicity “.

After the burqa, the burkini and the hijabFrance has returned to the school year with controversies over Islam, this time around the abaya, a long covering dress, banned from school in the name of secularism. The ban was confirmed by the highest French court.

“The international community must continue to speak out against laws that threaten the religious freedom of all in France, as well as in other countries in Europe,” added Nury Turkel of the Commission, which makes recommendations to the American government. but has a strictly advisory role.

The Minister of Education Gabriel Attal has announced this ban shortly before the start of the school year beginning of September in France, provoking a new controversy in this country extremely attached to a more than a century-old law on the separation of religion and state.

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