Investor Walter Butler invites himself to the capital of the restaurant l’Ambroisie

The room of the restaurant L’Ambroisie, place des Vosges, in Paris. Hannah ouline

INFO LE FIGARO – The investor takes control of the walls and the goodwill of the gourmet restaurant.

It is one of the greatest restaurants in French gastronomy, as discreet as it is unmissable. Displaying 3 stars in the Michelin Guide without interruption since 1988, the Ambrosie is changing hands. His boss, Bernard Pacaud, organizes the transmission of the business that he launched on the quai de la Tournelle in 1981, before settling in 1986 on the place des Vosges. The chef remains president, partner and still in the restaurant’s kitchen, but he sells more than two-thirds of the capital (buildings and business) to the Franco-American-Brazilian investor Walter Butler, already owner of Pierre Hermé Paris. “Even today, I am at Ambrosia from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., says Bernard Pacaud, known in particular for sea b cutlets with sliced ​​artichoke, Kristal caviar. I still have the same pion for this job. I have sixty years of cooking, thirty-five years of 3 stars. My family and I wanted to organize an intelligent transmission, to sustain my life’s work and employment…

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