IPE-Saúde project should be filed this Thursday

After almost a month of negotiations with state deputies and medical organizations, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), presented changes in the initial proposal for the restructuring of the IPE-Saúde.

The project is currently with the technical team at Palácio Piratini and is undergoing final adjustments before being sent to the Legislative embly, which should take place this Thursday (18). The text will reach Parliament on an urgent basis, which determines that the essment must take place in a maximum of 30 days.

Slight reduction in charging dependents a percentage of maximum contribution per plan holder were the main changes.

Thus, the estimated increase in revenue with the restructuring of the health plan for state employees fell from around R$ 900 million to around R$ 700 million, as informed by the governor moments after the meeting with the allied base of the Legislative embly that adjusted the final design.

The main text has changed little. The rate continues with readjustment from 3.1% to 3.6%, contribution with parity discounted both for the server and for the State, as an employer.

With the final project for the restructuring of the IPE-Saíde close to being sent to the Legislative embly, which should take place this Thursday, the União Gaúcha in Defense of Social and Public Security points to the possibility of evasion of servers and breaking the logic of parity by the state.

“The government umes that it will p on the costs to the user and there will be no evasion. This is not reality. We see people leaving IPE-Saúde. Basically, in the main plan, there are 600 thousand users. About 60% of this m is those aged 60 years or older and have low incomes are concentrated up to around R$ 3,000. They are people who will not be able to absorb this cost, because they have gone eight years without inflation adjustment”, says the councilor of União Gaúcha, Philip Leiria.

He believes that the principle of parity will be broken in case of approval of the proposal, since the State will contribute 3.6%, while the holder of the plan who has dependents will be able to contribute up to 12%.

“The government breaks the logic of parity in this proposal. The government will contribute 3.6% and civil servants, considering them decadent, may contribute up to 12%”, he points out.

This Wednesday afternoon, the União Gaúcha released a press release, criticizing the project resubmitted by the state government. “The proposal disproportionately burdens the elderly and those with low incomes. It does not solve the problems of the IPE-Saúde and impoverishes public servants even more, through a nominal wage reduction”, says the text.

Governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB) was questioned by Jornal do Comércio about the possibility of evasion of policyholders, shortly after the announcement of the new proposal, on Tuesday night. “I trust that we are establishing a system, with the lock, that justifies the permanence. We have a previous system that is critical, which has 350,000 paying servers and 260,000 that do not pay in the main plan. There is no remuneration model that calls dependents to pay something and will not cause any kind of substantial increase in relation to what it is at present”, argued the Chief Executive.

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