Iran coach congratulates USA and wishes them good luck for the future

Eliminated from the competition, Carlos Queiroz, coach of Iran wishes “good luck to the United States” for the round of 16.

Carlos Queiroz (Iran coach):The first half was American, they started much better than us, they were faster, had better control of the game. They deserved to score, no doubt about it. The second period is the opposite. We came back strong. We closed them spaces, we slowed them down little by little and we got chances, more than the United States had had in the first period. But unfortunately, in football, the team that does not score is punished. It’s simple, the team that scored in the first period deserves to win. We did not score and we are punished. In football, there is no justice, congratulations to the United States and good luck to them for the round of 16 of the World Cup.»

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