Iran players did not sing the anthem before the game against England

In the country, the demonstrators reproach them for their complacency towards power, and the way in which they went to kiss the hand of Iranian President Ebrahim Raïsi, just before leaving for Qatar, despite some messages of resistance, like that of Sardar Azmoun, the star of the team. But on Monday, at the Khalifa stadium, Iranian players once again showed their support for the demonstrations, on the occasion of their entry into the World Cup. Lined up arm in arm, they refused to sing the anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran, faces closed, some of them bowing their heads.

As soon as the first notes of the anthem sounded, high-pitched whistles came from the bend of the 3,000 Iranian supporters, mingled with shouts, as a few supporters held up “Woman, Life, Freedom” signs. ), the slogan of the demonstrators. At the end of the match (6-2 for England), some Iranian supporters chanted “Death to Khamenei”, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, but some of them reported the presence of agents from Tehran, with the collaboration of the local police.

“Let these boys play football”

Carlos Queiroz, Iran coach

For Carlos Queiroz, the coach of Iran, it is obvious that the current political context in the country has an impact on his players: “They are just simple boys. It’s not their fault that the World Cup is happening right now. Please, you teachers, moralists, let these boys play football. It’s not fair to bring them to this World Cup and ask them things that are not their responsibilitypleaded the Portuguese technician. They want to bring pride and joy to their people. Of course we have feelings and beliefs, and in due time we will express them. »

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