is cashback a good deal?

Cashback is a system between couponing, these disappearing paper vignettes that had to be returned to the brand with proof of purchase to be reimbursed, and the loyalty card. Adobe Stock/Charlotte Paroielle Le Figaro

LE + ECO – Specialized sites, service ociated with bank cards… the offers allowing you to recover part of the price of your purchases are multiplying. But is the consumer really a winner?

5% reimbursed on the site of a shoemaker, up to 10% for the reservation of a residence for the holidays, 5 euros in a supermarket, 1.5% on purchases on a large site of cultural goods, 6% for the rental of a car or 3% on a decoration site… The list is still very long. There is something for every taste. These refund promises are called cashback. And in times of high inflation, the offers have something to appeal to consumers lured by the prospect of recovering part of their expenses directly from their bank account. But is it really interesting? Can we do good business or is it the mirror to the larks? A few tips to stay a winner.

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