Is ChatGPT a writer?

Is ChatGPT a writer?

Putting artificial intelligence and the writer on the same level poses not only an ethical problem but also an artistic one. NICOLAS MAETERLINCK/BELGA/MAXPPP

INVESTIGATION – The recent eruption of the chatbot ChatGPT poses several intellectual and legal questions for writers and publishers: Is ChatGPT really a creator? And, if so, what might its status be in literature?

In December 2022, Ammaar Reshi, a 28-year-old designer from California, wants to give a gift to the first child of a couple of friends. He then came up with the idea of ​​using theartificial intelligence (IA) to write and illustrate a children’s book. “I wanted a story that would show the magic of AI to children,” he explained on Twitter. From then on begins a two-day exchange with the conversational robot ChatGPTduring which Ammaar refines her questions and desires. “It was like having a co-worker I could play with in a question and answer game.” ChatGPT concocts a story for her, and the Midjourney image generator gives her a shape, the face of a little girl with big blue eyes and that of a friendly robot. The finished book is 26 pages, Ammaar Reshi decides to put it on sale on Amazon. “It has so far sold 1400 copies.»

Alice and Sparkle is sold and rated in the same way as any book by Victor-Hugo or of Guillaume Musso on…

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