Is the pension reform really “useless” financially?

In the longer term, from 2032 to 2070, (…) the share of pension expenditure in national wealth would be stable or decreasing», indicates the COR in its annual report. Tobif82 / Adobe Stock

THE CHEKING PROCESS – “Pension spending is not skidding,” said the chairman of the Pensions Guidance Council (COR). What to call into question the need for a reform, one affirms in the oppositions. Is right ?

The financial “survival” of the pension system really in danger? The hearing of the President of the Pensions Orientation Council (COR) by the deputies last Thursday put this question back in the spotlight. Repeatedly brandished by the executive to justify its reform, the argument of the financial balance of the system would have, we hear in the oppositions, been contradicted by Pierre-Louis Bras.

Olivier Faure (PS), Clémence Guetté (LFI) or even the National Rally group in the Assembly, all rely on the words of the boss of the independent body, which is authoritative on the subject, to affirm that the reform is “useless” Where “unjustifiedfrom a budgetary point of view. The opponents rely precisely on a sequence of the hearing, which circulated a lot on social networks, in the middle of a day of mobilization against the reform: “Pension expenditure is not skidding, it is relatively under control. In most cases, they tend to decrease over time“, advances, in this video extract, Pierre-Louis Bras. Does the president of the COR really question the validity of a reform of the pension system?

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