Is the waste we sort really recycled?

LE + ECO – The French are increasingly adopting sorting instructions, but the opacity of the actual treatment of packaging discourages them. Le Figaro lifts the veil and takes you behind the scenes of this waste industry.

The images have made a lasting impression. In the Parisian night, two garbage collectors indiscriminately dump into the same garbage truck bins with yellow lids, containing recyclable packaging, and bins intended for non-recyclable waste. “So we bother sorting our garbage cans but they put everything in the same truck (which hasn’t [de] separate compartment)!“, was indignant among thousands of others a surfer in reaction to the scene, extracted from an investigation broadcast on M6 in 2021.

In the long report entitled “Waste: the big lies of recycling”, journalists film several aberrations that punctuate the entire waste supply chain. From these Parisian rippers who mix the contents of different bins to a landfill near Marseille where recyclable materials and dangerous products are illegally mixed, ping by this former executive in the sector who reveals that part of the recyclable is never sorted for profitability reasons…

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