Is Thomas Pesquet ready to get involved in politics?

By Laura Terrazas

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Thomas Pesquet in “C to you” Screenshot

VIDEO – The French astronaut returned to the causes he defends this evening in “C à vous”.

Came to promote his biography entitled My life without gravity published by Flammarion, Thomas Pesquet was on the set of “C à vous”, this Wednesday, October 18. A national hero who inspires dreams, he regularly commits to a good cause.

“After my first mission, I don’t like to say no, I like to please and all the good causes asked me to help them and God knows there are… Things that we can’t refuse”explains the astronaut to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

“But we can’t say yes to everyone, it’s impossible. It’s physically impossible.”he regrets. “I found myself sacrificing all my time with my loved ones and my family when I came back from a mission and two years of training because I couldn’t say no and protect myself”adds Thomas Pesquet.

Towards a political career?

Politics could be a path to follow to defend the causes close to his heart, such as the environment. An approach that Thomas Pesquet rejects to this day. “At the moment, I can hardly imagine it. It’s difficult to come in from the outside and have a real impact”estimates the astronaut who nevertheless recognizes that “it might be tempting”.

“We have opinions like any citizen. We give you responsibilities to change things, but I think it’s a little more complicated than that and if we don’t have the right context, it’s difficult to change things.”analyzes Thomas Pesquet. “I don’t want to be just an image. I want to have a connection and in my area of ​​expertise and today my area of ​​expertise is limited to space”he concludes.

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