Israel confirmed that it struck the Jabalia camp in the Gaza Strip

A powerful explosion occurred in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, which reportedly resulted in numerous casualties. The Israeli military has admitted that it struck this area and claims that its target was a high-ranking commander of the radical group Hamas.

The Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip, under the control of the Hamas group, reported that the victims of the explosion were dozens of civilians (the number is called 50), approximately 150 people were injured. The Palestinian side claims that the explosion was caused by an Israeli airstrike, the BBC reports.

Photos from the Reuters agency show significant destruction in the camp and people searching for survivors under the rubble.

An AFP correspondent also visited the site of the explosion in Jabalia. The agency reported that the footage taken there shows the bodies of at least 47 people pulled from the wreckage of the destroyed buildings.

“The Israeli attack, the target of which was the commander of the Hamas detachment operating in densely populated neighborhoods, led to “catastrophic consequences. Many people became his victims,” ​​informs CNN, referring to the testimony of eyewitnesses and doctors.

The representative of the Israeli army, Daniel Hagary, confirmed that Israeli fighter jets struck the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza. As a result of the strike, the commander of the Hamas battalion “Central Jabalia” was killed.

Hagari clarified that a powerful attack was launched against the enemy, directed against terrorists and their infrastructure.” According to the representative of the Israeli army, as a result of the attack, “a large number of terrorists” were killed, and the “underground infrastructure of terror” collapsed.

The Israeli command has repeatedly called on the civilian population of the northern part of the Gaza Strip to go south.

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