Israel-Hamas war: Egyptian President Al-Sisi calls for “recognition of the State of Palestine”

For the Egyptian president, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is “a dying idea”. Abdel Fattah al-Sissi urged the international community to recognize a “State of Palestine” instead. While receiving the Spanish and Belgian Prime Ministers in Cairo this Friday, the Egyptian head of state estimated that reviving the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians “is perhaps not what is necessary” in the ‘immediate.

“The results of this faltering path for 30 years tell us that we must” adopt a different approach, he declared during a joint press conference, recalling that the Gaza Strip has been bloodied in recent decades by successive conflicts.

“A guarantee of seriousness”

This new approach would involve “the recognition of the State of Palestine by the international community and its integration into the United Nations… This would be a guarantee of seriousness”, affirmed Mr. Al-Sissi, a few hours later the entry into force of a truce between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

This break, negotiated with the istance of Qatarof the United States and Egypt, must be accompanied by the release in the afternoon of around ten hostages held in the Gaza Strip against around 40 Palestinian prisoners held in Israel.

Twelve Thai hostages, who were not part of the exchange agreement, were also released on Friday by Hamasannounced the Thai Prime Minister.

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