Israel-Hamas war: the war will continue “until all its objectives are achieved”, threatens Netanyahu

He says he is determined. There Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip will continue until “all its objectives are achieved”, in particular the destruction of the Palestinian Islamist movement, said Saturday evening Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“We cannot achieve these objectives without continuing ground operations” which “have been essential to achieving the results so far,” he added, during his first press conference since the end, Friday morning, of a one-week truce between Israel and Hamas and the resumption of Israeli military operations, including bombings, in the Gaza Strip.

“The fighting will continue until victory,” Netanyahu insisted. “In the North, we respond to all attacks and we remove the enemies from the border, and we continue the approach we have started, for victory in the North and in the South. We are committed to restoring the security situation, both in the North and in the South,” he continued.

“Deadlock in negotiations”

On Saturday, the Israeli army bombed the Gaza Strip where the death toll rose, with the Israeli government deploring an “impe” in negotiations with Hamas the day after the expiration of a truce with the Palestinian Islamist movement .

The armed wing of Hamas and that of the affiliated Islamic Jihad also announced that they had fired “barrages of rockets” on Saturday targeting several cities in Israel, notably Tel Aviv, without causing any casualties.

The Israeli army indicated that it had struck “more than 400 targets” in the small, overpopulated Palestinian territory since the resumption of hostilities on Friday morning, including 50 in the region of Khan Younes (south).

The Health Ministry of Hamas, in power in the besieged Palestinian territory, now reports a toll of more than 240 dead and 650 injured since the end of the truce.

The war between Israel and Hamas was triggered by an unprecedented bloody attack carried out by the Palestinian Islamist movement in Israel on October 7, which left 1,200 dead, mostly civilians, according to authorities. According to the Hamas government, more than 15,000 people, including more than 6,150 under the age of 18, have died in Israeli strikes since October 7.

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