Israel promised Lebanon the fate of Gaza if involved in a war with the Palestinians

The Lebanese capital Beirut will repeat the fate of Gaza if the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah drags the country into the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This was stated by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant.

Hezbollah is dragging Lebanon into a potential war and making a mistake. If she makes a mistake like this, all Lebanese citizens will pay the price first. What we do in Gaza, we can do in Beirut,” he said during a visit to one of the bases in northern Israel (quoted by T).

Israel, he said, is recording actions from Lebanese territory that are already beyond the scope of local provocation. At the same time, the Israeli army, he added, is ready for “any development of events.”

In early November, Hezbollah Secretary General Han Nasrullah said there was “a possibility” that the conflict between Israel and Hamas would escalate into a large-scale war. Nasrullah stressed that the Lebanese group has been involved in almost daily fighting along its border with Israel since the conflict with Hamas began. Hezbollah’s leader warned that the situation could escalate. He clarified that the actions of his fighters will depend on “what is happening in Gaza” and “the morality of our enemy in relation to Lebanon.”

On October 27, the UN General embly adopted a resolution put forward by Arab countries that calls for an immediate truce in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone. It condemns violence against civilians on both sides, and also calls for the release of illegally held prisoners and compliance with humanitarian law – not to attack peaceful civilian targets. Israel ignored the resolution.

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