Israel recalled its ambador to Spain because of the words of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez

Israel on Thursday recalled its ambador to Madrid for consultations after the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, expressed doubts about the Israeli military’s observance of humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip.

The head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that he instructed the head of the foreign ministry, Ela Cohen, to summon the ambador of Spain to deliver him a note of protest. Netanyahu called Sanchez’s words “shameful.” He also noted that Sanchez’s statement came on the day when Hamas militants killed several Israelis in Jerusalem – “our capital,” as Netanyahu said.

The Palestinian radical group Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, and Israel itself.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain could not promptly comment on the situation, reports Reuters.

Last week, similar comments by Pedro Sanchez and the head of the Belgian government prompted the head of the Israeli foreign ministry to call the ambadors of both countries for a discussion. Eli Cohen called the statements a repetition of “false ertions” that give terrorists an impetus for further action. Sanchez then noted that friendly countries should allow each other to express some opinions.

  • Reports of an increase in the number of civilian victims of Israeli bombings and hostilities in Gaza led to an increase in the number of calls for a ceasefire. Israel, which launched an operation against Hamas in response to an attack by militants on the south of Israel on October 7, emphasizes that it warns the civilian population in advance about the need to evacuate to safer areas. Israel also notes that it facilitates the delivery of humanitarian goods to the population of Gaza.
  • Early in the morning of November 30, two armed men opened fire on people at a bus stop in Jerusalem, killing three people. Hamas later admitted that the shooters were members of this group.

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