Israel summons Belgian and Spanish ambadors for ‘severe reprimand’

Tensions on the sidelines of the first liberations. While Israel has just experienced the return of its first hostagesthe Hebrew State decided to summon the ambadors of Belgium and Spain for a “severe reprimand”, after their heads of government denounced from Egypt “the destruction of Gaza” and called on Israel to “recognize the State of Palestine”. The head of Israeli diplomacy, Eli Cohen, “gave the order to summon the ambadors of these countries for a conversation of severe reprimand,” his office announced. According to him, the two leaders “support terrorism”.

In a separate statement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “strongly condemned” their comments, accusing them of not having “attributed full responsibility to Hamas for the crimes against humanity it committed by macring our citizens and using Palestinians as human shields.

Visiting the Egyptian Rafah terminal on Friday, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo estimated that the Israeli response in the Gaza Strip after the deadly Hamas attack in Israel on October 7 must “respect international humanitarian law”. The Hamas government records nearly 15,000 deaths, two-thirds of them women and children, in these strikes launched after the death on October 7 of 1,200 people, the majority civilians, according to the Israeli authorities. “The deaths of civilians must stop,” insisted the Belgian minister.

“Irrelevant and unacceptable”

At his side, his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez, with whom he met Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi on Friday in Cairo, called “Israel to be the first to have a comprehensive approach including the West Bank and East Jerusalem”, calling to “the recognition by the international community and Israel of the State of Palestine”.

The head of Spanish diplomacy, José Manuel Albares, described “the accusations of the government of Israel” against the Spanish and Belgian leader as “false, irrelevant and unacceptable”, in a statement sent to the press.

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Since the start of the war on October 7, Belize and Bolivia have severed diplomatic relations with Israel. Other countries such as Turkey, Colombia and Chile have recalled their ambadors for consultations. At the end of November, Israel recalled its ambador to South Africa, after Pretoria recalled all its diplomats stationed in Israel.

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