Israeli Defense Ministry announces ‘new phase’ of war following Gaza invasion

Israel’s war with the Palestinian group Hamas has entered a “new phase,” said the Minister of Defense of the Jewish State, Yoav Gallant, writes Haaretz.

The ground operation in the Gaza Strip will continue until a “new order” is given, the minister said. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced the expansion of ground operations in the north of the enclave on the evening of October 27. Previously, the army had reported partial operations in some areas of Gaza.

Israeli Ambador to Russia Alexander Ben Zvi stated that Israel has not yet launched a full-scale ground operation in the Gaza Strip

Now in the Gaza Strip there is no electricity, mobile communications and Internet, and Israel has also stopped the supply of water and fuel. Minister of Communications of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Yitzhak Sadr reported that the department is negotiating with the satellite company Starlink (a division of SpaceX) to restore communications in the Gaza Strip.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has promised to provide Starlink communications to international organizations providing istance in Gaza.

Since October 7, after the attack of the Palestinian group Hamas on the southern regions of Israel, the Gaza Strip has been subjected to mive bombing. A day earlier, the media reported that on October 27, the heaviest rocket attacks since the beginning of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict began in northern Gaza. According to the latest data, more than 9,000 people have been killed in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, including more than about 7,700 Palestinians.

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