It is the day of the sentence. The Tar Trento decides the fate of the bear Jj4 and the bear Mj5. Poll: half of the people from Trentino are against the culling

The wait is now over: today we will know the future of the bears Jj4 and Mj5. The single section of the Regional Administrative Court of Trento will put an end to the tug-of-war between Trentino politics and animal rights activists – any appeal to the Council of State permitting – which will enter into the merits of the fate of the two bears considered ‘problematic specimens’ by the Autonomous Province of Trento. The hearing is set to start at 9. The Tar had suspended the culling decrees signed by the Trentino governor Maurizio Fugatti both for the bear Jj4, held responsible for the fatal attack on the runner Andrea Papi on the afternoon of 5 April in woods of Caldes, both of ‘Mj5’, which in early March had injured a hiker in Val di Rabbi. Today the judges of the Tar have to evaluate the documents arrived in the last few weeks, both those that push for the killing of problematic bears, therefore the Province of Trento, and those produced by animal rights activists in defense of bears complete with studies and analyzes by experts. The Tar will also have to take into consideration the opinions of Ispra and the Ministry of the Environment.

Orsa Jj4, the stages of the story: from the death of the runner Andrea Papi to the sentence of the Tar of Trento

by La Zampa editorial staff

The judges are called to decide whether to implement the ordinances that provide for the killing of the two bears and, therefore, agree with the signatory of the decrees, Fugatti, or whether to have the two bears transferred to the two sanctuaries abroad, Romania and Jordan, who ensured hospitality until the natural death of the animal. Two structures in Germany had given temporary availability.

Jj4, Mj5, M49 and Daniza: this is how bear names are born in Trentino

by La Zampa editorial staff

The survey: half of the people from Trentino are against the culling
Yesterday the Lav, Anti-Vivisection League, presented the results of an opinion poll conducted by Doxa, from which it emerged that 57% of the inhabitants of Trento (22% of the population interviewed) and 47% who live in the valleys ( 78% of the population questioned), have spoken out against the killing of bears. Furthermore, 53% of Trentino residents believed that over the years the Province, after reintroducing bears in the area, had made “little or no effort” to provide citizens with all the information necessary to prevent encounters and how to deal with bears . According to the animal welfare ociation, on the fatal attack on Papi, it appears that “in the light of the elements collected, the animal never actually behaved abnormally or like a dangerous bear, but simply behaved like a mother with cubs behaves in the event of a close encounter to protect them”. The president of the national Lav, Gianluca Felicetti, in excluding that that of the animal rights activists is an “ideological battle”, said that “there is a need for seriousness on the part of those who administer, from those who have signed commitments and have not kept them , by those who used bears as a tourist attraction and then decided to take them to the gallows”.

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