“It was a mental shock to find myself in my childhood dream”

INTERVIEW – The YouTuber with 6.3 million subscribers continues his foray into television. In the series by Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux, he plays a content creator collaborating with FBI agents Bullit and Riper.

At only 30 years old, Mister V never ceases to amaze us. The YouTuber, revealed to the general public thanks to collective Studio Bagel, is on all fronts: Internet, music, cinema and series. For his third experience on television after Valid And Jonathan Cohen announces work on the sequel to “Flambeau” Yvick Letexier, his real name, couldn’t have dreamed of better by landing a role in Pamela Rose, the series .

LE FIGARO. – You were born in 1993, one year after birth Pamela Rose on Oüi FM. Did you know the films released in 2003 and 2012?
Mister V. – I grew up and started acting having seen Pamela Rose so the circle is closed. I’m a huge fan of Kad and O. Les Jones is inspired by their sketches.

How did you end up on the show?
On the set of TorchKad told me they were going to shoot Pamela Rose, the series. I asked him for a role, it didn’t matter which one, even a bush, I just wanted to appear on screen for a moment to be credited on IMDB and have Pamela Rose written next to my name. And he told me he had better than that: a role with text. I took it straight!

Describe your character to us?
I play Sacha Sho, a YouTuber content creator who will find himself being a sort of right-hand man/snitch to Bullit and Riper. He will help them in their investigation even though he is basically one of the harers of the serial killer’s first victims. He is part of this league of YouTubers who, using false names, enjoy haring other YouTubers so he will be singled out as a potential accomplice. Due to his lack of courage, he very quickly admits to Bullit and Riper that he is not at all that type of person and therefore allies himself with them and thus has a cover that will be quite different from what he he is used to having as his identity.

“There will be more and more projects or films that revolve around the world of the Internet because we are taking up more and more space”

Mister V

In The torch , you play an influencer. In Pamela Rose, the series , a YouTuber. Each time, it is a parody of your profession. Aren’t you afraid of criticism from your colleagues?
I’m a real traitor (laughs)! The role of Sacha Sho suits me very well because it suits me. Given my age and my position as an actor, it was more interesting to go for this character. When playing Sacha Sho, I didn’t feel like I was a caricature of myself. I was really into pure acting. I didn’t have the feeling that the same label was still being put on me. And then in reality, we have to say to ourselves that there will be more and more projects or films that will revolve around the world of the Internet because we are taking up more and more space.

Being a big fan of Pamela Rose how was your start on set?
I missed my first scene because I didn’t speak. I felt like I was a spectator but very, very close behind the scenes. When I was little, I dreamed several times that I was in the movie with Bullit and Riper because I watched it so much. So when I shot my first scene, I said to myself: if we asked little Yvick, aged 10-11, to take a leap into the future, he would find himself there but he didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe what was happening. It was a bit of a mental shock to find myself in my childhood dream. This feeling is incredible, I’ve never had it on another project. But it was also stressful. Wasn’t I going to make a mistake in the middle of a project that I’ve loved since I was little? In the end, I gave it my all and when I saw that I made Kad, Olivier and Shirine laugh, that reured me.

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