“It was a reciprocal act,” says Luis Rubiales on British television

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Former president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales. DENIS BALIBOUSE / REUTERS

The former president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, spoke on Tuesday on the British channel Talk TVin an interview with journalist Piers Morgan.

“It was a reciprocal act”said the former president of the Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales in an interview given to journalist Piers Morgan and broadcast Tuesday on the British channel Talk TV, about the kiss to the player Jennifer Hermoso after the world coronation of the women’s “Roja”.

“It was a reciprocal act, she came to me, very happy”he said about a gesture which has since caused him to have resigned and to be summoned on Friday by an investigating judge to be heard as an accused and to respond to accusations of ault.

“She picked me up, she lifted me in the air, we were both emotional. When we touched down, I had a brief exchange with her, we congratulated each other. I gave him a quick kiss. I asked him, can I give you a little kiss? Which is normal in our country. I remember she gave me a pat or two on the side. She laughed, and that’s it.”explains the ex-leader during this interview as part of the show “Piers Morgan without filter”.

“No (malicious) intent. And of course no connotations or anything like that. Nothing but a moment of happiness, a great joy at that moment”ures Rubiales in this interview.

“My intentions were noble, 100% non-, 100%, I repeat 100%”he proclaims.

A version denied by Jenni Hermoso who said she “felt vulnerable and the victim of an impulsive and sexist act, inappropriate and without any consent on my part”.

Rubiales then even argued in front of Piers Morgan that he would have acted the same way if it had been a man: “Without a doubt. When I was a player, there were occasions, when we avoided relegation or achieved promotion in particular, where we kissed each other on the lips.

Since a recent reform of the Spanish penal code, a non-consensual kiss can be considered ault, a criminal category bringing together all types of violence.

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