it was obvious, I had zero second of hesitation”

it was obvious, I had zero second of hesitation”

When I first realized I was pregnant, I was already several weeks late with my period. We were at the very beginning of the year 2021, I was 23 years old, the Covid was still very present: the father of one of my very close friends had just been admitted to intensive care while my grandmother, very old , refused to be vaccinated. This subject worried me enormously, I was really stressed, I cried all the time… I told myself that my late period must be linked to my emotions. I didn’t worry right away.

After a while, I started to find it weird. I postponed the moment of taking a pregnancy test, telling myself that my periods were going to arrive eventually… But they didn’t arrive. I really went through a little period of denial. And then I did a first urine test: positive. A second, in case the first was unreliable: positive. There, I said to myself: “Wow, I can’t stay like this. »

My first instinct was to call the doctor who has been following me for a long time at the health center of the University of Bordeaux. She was the one who inserted my copper IUD a few years ago. Unfortunately, she was not available, so I was connected with a nurse. At first, I didn’t want to talk too much about it with her, but I ended up explaining the situation to her. She advised me to go for a blood test to be 100% sure: positive, again. Two days later, I had an emergency appointment with my doctor.

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Sure of my choice

I already knew that I wanted a voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG), it was immediately obvious, I had zero second of hesitation. At that time, I was still in training and not graduated. Same for my boyfriend, with whom I have been in a relationship since high school. We were both embarked on long studies, convinced that this was not the time at all. Like everyone, we had already mentioned the idea of ​​having children: we knew we wanted them, but later.

The practice of abortion being regulated, it takes two consultations beforehand to respect a time of reflection. I was so sure of my choice that we immediately discussed with my doctor how we were going to proceed: I had access to the drug solution, the time [jusqu’à sept semaines de grossesse] not being exceeded. She referred me to a gynecologist who, unlike her, was authorized to prescribe me the drugs. In the meantime, I had a second appointment with her to remove my IUD.

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