“It was the tears of a fighter”

INTERVIEW – Eliminated against Fanchon during an emotionally charged cross battle, the 17-year-old Italian artist launched her young career with a first single in French. Meeting on the occasion of his visit to Paris.

Coming from the Cinque Terre in northern Italy to Paris to take part in season 12 of “The Voice” , Giulia Falcone was 16 when she got on on the blind audition stage. For her first experience in front of an audience and a panel of professionals, the young Italian with millions of views on social networks managed to seduce Bigflo and Oli as well as Amel Bent on her cover of The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice. During her battle, won against the Canadian Mégane Lebel for the title Memory of Barbra Streisand, it was unanimous. “I was very happy to have liked Zazie and Vianney during my battle. Regardless of the outcome of the battle, I had managed to convince all the coaches of “The Voice” this season. This is the most memorable moment of my experience, I had already won everything », she told us.

After blowing out her 17th candle on January 1, she entered the cross-battle stage with a particular emotional charge. Despite his fine recovery from world is stoneshe bowed to a Fanchon in a state of grace who wisely exploited the kate bush song, Running up that hillthat the series Stranger Things recently updated. The day before the broadcast of her performance on TF1, Giulia Falcone invited a few fans to the intimate setting of the Renoma Café Gallery, avenue Georges V in Paris, to share privileged moments with them. “You are a ray of sunshine”they unanimously told him.

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THE FIGARO. – What happens between the shooting of the battles and that of the cross battles of “The Voice”?
Giulia Falcone. – The battles had been filmed in December and the cross battles in January, a month pes before returning to Paris for the rehearsals of the song. As soon as the battles are over, the choice of world is stone had been done with the production but as soon as we approach the rehearsals, everything goes very quickly. Between the first tests with the musicians and the shooting, very little time pes. This is a difficult step where you have to integrate the song information very quickly.

Why did we see you break down during these rehearsals?
Because I was sick but I didn’t want to talk about it right away. I preferred to claim tonal problems with the song because I was not comfortable with the choices that had been made. Between this annoyance, the stress and the illness, I was not in the best psychological condition.

What happened to you ?
I had stomatitis, it’s an inflammation of the inside of the mouth, I had mouth ulcers on my palate and tongue, it was very painful. I could no longer articulate or sing properly. And above all, I could no longer eat enough. I was too handicapped and weakened to be competitive in “The Voice”.

When did Amel Bent know the truth about your state of health?
At the last moment, when I felt unwell during rehearsals. The production doctor was concerned and advocated that I withdraw from “The Voice” because my blood pressure was too low. But I didn’t want to leave like that.

“One of the most difficult weeks of my life”

Giulia Falcone

How did you experience these cross battles?
I would have liked to p earlier, it was emotionally difficult to see my friends leave. It was a final personal challenge to succeed in interpreting The world is stone on stage while sick. I cried a lot after my performance because it was a deliverance. I was coming out of one of the most difficult weeks of my life and I had managed to give everything I could. I left “The Voice” with a smile, happy for Fanchon and with the satisfaction of having pleased the four coaches during the competition. They were the tears of a fighter.

Vianney came first to congratulate you on your career after your elimination…
I always felt something special for him, I would have been on his team if he had turned around during my blind audition. I always appreciated the words he had after each of my performances. After this cross battle, he was there for me, I felt he understood what I had just been through and in what state I was. He took me in his arms and I burst into tears.

Amel Bent had very encouraging words too…
Yes, I was very touched, I learned a lot from her contact. We didn’t always agree but I understood that she was there to help me move forward and progress. I’m not the same person since I made “The Voice”, this experience made me grow.

“I want to put a bit of my life into each of my songs and tackle different themes”

Giulia Falcone

after the title underwater in 2022, you released your first single in French, Letter to my parents
I have very positive feedback from people who follow me and I’m really happy. It’s a special song, my parents were very touched to discover it because the text is sincere and expresses a reality. I want to put a bit of my life into each of my songs and tackle different themes. I want to express what I feel deep inside. underwater was about a painful breakup, it was my first composition. A boy had broken my heart and I felt the need to express it in song.

You have been known on social networks for a few years, your covers have made millions of views and you have just organized a meeting for the first time with some fans who have been following you for a long time…
I was very touched by the affection they showed towards me, I did not think that one could be so attached to an artist. I never thought this could happen to me, I just had a great time with lovely people of all generations and signed the first autographs of my young career. It was very touching.

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