It will run across the entire United States

Elżbieta Popławska

The Polish-Slavic Center was visited at the end of October by Tomasz Sobania, a young extreme runner from Poland. Agnieszka Granatowska, executive director of CP-S, and Artur Pastuła, program director of the Krakus Senior Club, invited the athlete to a meeting with seniors, where Tomasz presented a film about what he had already done and what his plans were for the future in the USA.

It turned out that he learned about CP-S’s charitable activities from his Polish friends from Greenpoint and therefore he quite boldly presented his achievements, shared his dreams and asked for cooperation and support. What would that involve? The Polish athlete intends to run from Boston to Chicago next year and finish the run in Los Angeles.

Tomasz Sobania said about himself:

“They call me Polish Forrest Gump. I’m 25 years old and an extreme runner who goes on the road every year. My goal is always to fulfill my sports dream and publicize the charity collection. So far I’ve run:

– from Zakopane to Gdynia (18 days, 18 marathons, 756 km)

– from Częstochowa to Rome (38 days, 36 marathons, 1500 km)

– from Gliwice to Barcelona (63 days, 60 marathons, 2500 km)

– from the Silesian Stadium to Athens and back (90 days, 85 marathons, 3,600 km).

The plan for the next expedition is simple: run, like Forrest Gump, across the entire United States. Start in Boston, reach Chicago and from there follow Route 66 to the finish line in Los Angeles. The expedition will cover over 6,000 kilometers and will be a great sporting and organizational challenge. It will also be another opportunity to turn extreme effort into a charity collection. I will try to systematically inform the Polish media about my preparations and how we can create a chain of help and cooperation. In the future, I intend to present the terms of cooperation for private businessmen or companies that would like to benefit from such cooperation.

Director Granatowska praised the young Pole’s sports courage and charity work. She became interested in the sports achievements of the extreme runner and his big heart in supporting the weaker. At the end of the meeting and the good progress of cooperation, she donated several sports T-shirts with the logo of the Polish-Slavic Center, which Tomasz Sobania will run in next year.

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