Italy rescued more than 1300 irregular migrants

Italy rescued more than 1300 irregular migrants

It has been reported that the teams affiliated to the Italian Coast Guard Command have rescued more than 1300 irregular migrants since last night with the rescue operations they organized at different points in the Mediterranean.

Italy rescued more than 1300 irregular migrants

In a written statement from the Coast Guard, it was stated that 500 immigrants on one boat and 379 people on a second boat were rescued, with the support of other Italian security units, despite difficult conditions such as adverse weather and sea conditions and overcrowding of immigrant boats.

It was noted that the Coast Guard teams rescued 487 immigrants off the coast of Crotone on Friday night and carried them to the port.

In the statement, it was stated that rescue operations were carried out on 2 boats carrying immigrants 100 nautical miles offshore from Rocella Ionica town in the south.

It was stated yesterday that more than 3 thousand irregular migrants came to Italy by crossing the Mediterranean in the last 3 days. The number of immigrants arriving in the country since the beginning of the year has reached 17 thousand 592.

On the other hand, it was reported that the number of people who died in the disaster that took place on February 26, when a migrant boat sank off the town of Steccato di Cutro in the south of the country, increased to 76 with 3 lifeless bodies found today.

Meanwhile, a march was held in Steccato di Cutro, with the participation of approximately 5 thousand people, calling for “Stop the massacre”. Various non-governmental organizations and trade unions also supported the march.

Participants in the march walked silently for the immigrants who died in the last disaster and left flowers on the beach.


There has been intense activity in the irregular migration routes in the Central Mediterranean in recent years.

Migration activity intensifies in the Central Mediterranean on days when sea and weather conditions are good.

European non-governmental organizations usually rescue irregular migrants who call for help at sea, rather than European government officials. These NGOs have difficulties in evacuating the irregular migrants they rescue from time to time due to the EU member states’ failure to provide a “safe haven”.


The first place where immigrants who can cross the Mediterranean or are rescued by their own means set foot in Europe is Lampedusa Island, which is the closest land part of Italy to North Africa.

A large number of irregular migrants die each year while trying to cross the Mediterranean, due to the boat capsizing or the lack of air and water due to overcrowding on the boats. (AA)

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