“It’s a healthy product”: how sauerkraut wants to restore its image

“Better a good sauerkraut than a bad caviar. » For the ociation for the promotion of Alsatian sauerkraut (AVCA), the saying has never been truer. To restore its brand image and catch up with declining consumption, sauerkraut wants to refocus on its nutritional virtues.

The AVCA has just launched an advertising campaign in the national media, for a budget of 50,000 euros, a first since obtaining the Protected Geographical Indication in 2018. The campaign targets a large north-eastern quarter of Hexagon, more receptive to the traditional product Alsatian gastronomy.

For the time being, each French person consumes an average of 600 g of sauerkraut per year, i.e. a dish three times a year. As winters get shorter and shorter, the challenge is to convince them that the product can be enjoyed all year round, including raw.

“Sauerkraut is above all a vegetable”

“We have to manage to change the image of the product. Sauerkraut is a healthy product, which we would like to eat all year round, even when it’s hot, whereas people are used to eating it in winter with charcuterie”, explains Hugo Meyer, sales representative at the Meyer Wagner sauerkraut factory in Krautergersheim (Bas-Rhin). “Sauerkraut is first and foremost a vegetable,” recalls Sébastien Muller, president of the ociation for the Promotion of Alsace Sauerkraut (AVCA). “After an end-of-year indigestion, you can eat sauerkraut, it feels good”.

This plan to restore the image of sauerkraut, presented at a press conference this Thursday in Strasbourg, particularly targets “the mother of a family between 30 and 45 years old who wants to cook healthy food”. “That’s how we reap the maximum benefits,” says Jean-Luc Meyer, boss of the processing company Meyer Wagner.

The sector does not want consumers to abandon garnished sauerkraut and its festive side. “We must keep the conviviality of garnished sauerkraut and simply add other modes of consumption to it”.

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