“It’s fantastic what they did”: 18.4 million fans watched “One Piece” in 4 days on Netflix

The “One Piece” madness, carried by excellent reviews, has indeed hit Netflix, but without breaking any new records… Broadcast since August 31 in 93 countries, the series with real actors adapted from Eiichirō Oda’s best-selling manga (more than 500 million copies with 106 volumes) totaled 18.5 million views in four days.

Unsurprisingly, the story of a young pirate in search of a mythical treasure takes first place among the most broadcast series in 86 countries, including France, the United States and Japan. Only seven, including Poland and Great Britain, did not hoist it on the first step of the podium and it is in South Korea that it seduces the least by positioning itself in fifth place.

Si Netflix hails the performance of its live action series, “one of the best audience scores ever recorded”, the American platform, which did not hesitate to inject more than 140 million dollars into the affair , is surely a little disappointed. “One Piece” is indeed behind “The Watcher” (22.3 million views in four days) and “The Night Agent” (20.6) and very very far behind ” Wednesday “. Tim Burton’s soap operaadapted from “The Addams Family” had exploded the counters with 40 million views last year.

A criticism swept away by Simon, 16, who swallowed the 8 episodes in one weekend after reading the 103 volumes of the manga already released in France! “The bet was risky because One Piece is a popular and global phenomenon but frankly, it’s fantastic what they have done, ignites the high school student. I’m sure the success will grow because I know a lot of people, especially adults, who like to say they hate manga! »

Starting with his parents who “only have the word romance in their mouths!” » « But, jubilant the teenager, I insisted and my mother who devours Zola or Proust allowed herself to be convinced to watch the first episode. She thought it was really good and I think she’s going to finish the series. He is now waiting for netflix announces season 2!

Fans are delighted

Annabelle, 20, dreams, breathes and lives manga since he was 10 years old. These Japanese comic books that she collects by the dozen no longer hold any secrets for her. She swallowed the small-screen version in just three days. She recalls “the excitement and apprehension that divided fans when the project was announced. “It was really audacious to want to adapt such a rich story, such a varied and crazy universe as that of OnePiece »comments the musicology student.

According to the pretty brunette, by deciding to “set the bar very high” with a budget equivalent to that of ” Game Of Thrones “ and “while waiting to be fully satisfied with the result to broadcast, the American giant has made the right choice. “This version is faithful to the story imagined by the mangaka and the casting is excellent,” continues Annabelle. She, too, signs for a season 2.

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