“It’s still far from my personal requirements” promises Enrique

Very satisfied with the performance of his team, Luis Enrique still sees things to improve.

Luis Enrique, Paris Saint-Germain coach:

I am very satisfied. It was an excellent game. What I liked was the ambition of my team from the first minute of play. I saw more positives than negatives. There are still a lot of improvements to be had. Lyon managed to get rid of our pressure quite often at the start and on my side there were some adjustments to be made but, overall, I am very happy. But it is still far from my personal requirements. I would like more possession and for us to be very aware of when it is necessary to attack in depth or not. They are different players and I discover a different championship. But when we have an attack like ours, we have immense potential in depth and I would like even more calm and control to be able to choose the right moment to go in depth. Bradley Barcola was one of our targets from the very beginning of the transfer window. He is a player of the future who has been very good since his arrival. He showed a strong personality. We would have liked to avoid this type of welcome but it is a kind of positive experience to have lived this“.

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