“It’s the right time to take drastic measures”, insists Ancelotti

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti on Tuesday urged the competent authorities in Spain to take “drastic measures” against cases of racism in football stadiums, two days after the insults that targeted his striker Vinicius in Valencia.

It happens with Vinicius, but also many others. They are told son of a bitch, queer, that your father or your mother dies… But it’s not a war, it’s a sport! And here we have a great opportunity to put an end to it allSaid Ancelotti on Tuesday, ahead of Real’s game against Rayo Vallecano on Wednesday (7:30 p.m.) for which Vinicius will be suspended following the red card received on Sunday.

This is the right time to take drastic measures. Institutions have an opportunity now to take drastic action on this important subject. This can be a great opportunity to improve things quickly“, insisted the Italian technician. “We’ll see what will happen. I appeal here to the federation and La Liga, to the intelligence of football fans, and to education, above all“, he supported.

According to him, “to condemn is not enough“. “We started doing it a long time ago, and nothing has changed. After the convictions, we must act. And so far no one has acted“. “Carletto“, who had expressed his anger at the end of the match on Sunday evening, notably criticized the anti-racist protocol”obsoleteof La Liga.

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The protocol, they should have applied it two hours before kick-off (of the match in Valencia, editor’s note), when we arrived at the stadium, because that’s where the insults started. If you throw it in the 70th minute (as the referee did on Sunday, editor’s note), you were wrong. It is obsolete, yes“. According to Ancelotti,Spain is not racist, I would like to correct that. But there is racism in Spain, as in other places, and it must stop“.

For his part, Vinicius,a bit sad“according to his coach, did not participate in the collective session on Tuesday morning at Valdebebas because he received”a blow to the knee“. “If he has two matches suspended, he will be given a week off. If it’s just one game, he will start training tomorrow (Wednesday) to be in Sevilla“Saturday, slipped Carlo Ancelotti, pending the decision of the disciplinary committee of the federation.

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